Dec 22, 2020 · Clothing is part of character customization in Scrap Mechanic. 1 Overview 2 Outfits 3 Items 4 Upcoming 5 History 5.1 Beta 6 Gallery Clothing items are unlocked by using a Dressbot. Doing so requires a Garment Box and Cotton. Unlocked Clothing items become available in the Character menu, which is accessed through the main menu or by using the Wardrobe of a Dressbot. Outfits are listed in their ...
Licensed Users. The 17.8 release of Advanced Installer is a free update for customers with a valid Maintenance Plan through December 21st, 2020.You can check your Maintenance Plan expiration date in the Customer Information section.
Fix V1.0.0 to v1.0.1 i have edit the problem " in setup2.xml in the second entry for ContentChangeSets you miscopied (CTRL-V) the int_paletogas line... it now reads int_v " Credit : Patoche Mapping : MLO Localisation : Paleto Version : FiveM - SP ready ----- What can you find here ?
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